The odor binding additive

Unpleasent odors during the processing of recycled plastics?

Unavoidable residual contamination of post-consumer recycled plastic and high processing temperatures can lead to unpleasant odors and emissions that not only annoy employees, but can also affect the quality of manufactured products.

To overcome these challenges, we offer our innovative additive.

Depending on the molecular structure of the contaminating residues, we can ideally achieve significant reductions through low dosage.

What does the
additive do?

“BIOAFFIN KAD” is a solution that helps reduce unpleasant odors in the recycling process as well as during the processing of recycled material directly at the injection molding or extrusion line.

The odor reduction is also maintained during further processing of the recyclate, which also reduces the odor impact on the finished plastic component. The use of “BIOAFFIN KAD” thus achieves a sustainable odor reduction in the recycling process.

In what form and dosage should the
additive be used?

Our high-performance additive is available both as a powder and as compounded granules and can be used in different areas due to its wide range of applications. The composition of the additive is individually adapted to your project-specific needs and problems.

The dosage of the additive varies depending on the type and amount of contamination, and is usually between 1 and 3 %.

How does the additive

Our additive is based on a natural mineral with high absorption capacity due to its unique cell structure. It is specially ground and blended with other natural minerals to become a powerful odor absorber capable of reducing unpleasant odors in the recycling process and during the processing of recycled material directly at the injection molding or extrusion line.

Thanks to its high absorption capacity, the additive can effectively bind odor-forming substances and reduce emission levels. This is a sustainable solution that can reduce the environmental impact of using plastics. The additive is available in both powder and compounded granule form and can be customized to meet project-specific needs and problems.

To achieve the best possible properties, we combine our expertise in plastics with the expertise of our cooperation partner Lithos Natural.

Our cooperation partner:

Mechanical and thermal properties -
Almost no changes

BIOAFFIN KAD is an additive that embeds seamlessly into the polymer matrix and thus causes hardly any changes in the mechanical properties of the material.

Furthermore, BIOAFFIN KAD only slightly influences the flow index of the raw material. This means that the processing properties of the plastic are hardly affected. As a result, manufacturers can easily integrate the additive into their existing production processes and benefit from a sustainable reduction in odor without having to compromise on product quality.

Your advantages at a glance:


Expansion of the application possibilities of recyclates as well as use in the food sector

Odor & Emissions

Reduction of emissions and odor nuisance in production and on the component


Minimal change in mechanical properties as well as first-class bonding to the polymer matrix


Recyclability again


100% natural raw materials


Fast implementation
No investment in equipment necessary.

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